The development of a website and some life long learning

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So, I've decided that I want to do something, that I want to learn something new and as I had been working around websites for ages, the obvious one was web development.

But first things first, so it is time to learn how to use HTML. And CSS. And then just go ahead.

What I do know is that structuring my site will be very hard, although I plan to use the things in ⟨h2⟩ here as later menus on my site.

My playground

Don't forget, I have just started the whole process and I started it from the very beginning. But now I have a code editor (I use Brackets & I installed Atom, too).

So, I will add some text and some new line to the code every day - hoping that it would improve this site from line to line. Or should I write line by line? Anyway, that is it, really.

Now don't expect anything fancy for a while, although I will do my best to make a progress as soon as I can.

Just trying to add an image - the first printscreen of my page - the very first step.

The first image of my page

My learning path

So, This is where I am going to collect my thoughts on the things learnt. And later on it will be a dedicated menu on my website, when there will be CSS and other things.

Today was a great day, I had my second challenge on the course - and I learnt a lot about structuring, grouping content with different methods like sectioning (heading, article, aside, section, nav) or semantically (header, main, footer). And of course there are the WAI-ARIA landmarks for greater accessibility.

Way to go!

Eduction in the 21st centruy

As I have written earlier, I've been working around web-development for ages - but on the other side the same is true for education. That is because I've been working for an educational portal in Hungary (called And because of recent changes of the institutional background I happened to find myself in the position of the head of the Sulinet department in the Educational Authority in Hungary, which meant that I am responsible for a couple of people and a couple of different project. And I visited a couple of European countries and European schools so I kind of starting to understand what is missing in the Hungarian Education and the Hungarian Schools.

And I happen to be the father of two girls, one of them is a primary school student, so I really feel the importance of education.

So, I will start a new section, a new menu if you feel like, where I will share my experiences with you on education and on how I can and try to support my daughters.

My running map

I kind of very often reach the point when I think I should live much healthier. Give up drinking (quite often), eat less meat (quite often), train a bit more (very often). I don't want to give up drinking at all, I'm not an alcoholic, I am a social drinker, and I enjoy it. I don't eat meat very often, I prefer buying quality meat rarely than having something cheap every day, and I really like having vegetarian menus.

Anyway, training and different kinds of sport have been following me since my childhood, but when we moved to the suburbans from the city I lost my desire to travel that lot to play an hour of football there. I'd been trying to find the one I could do and I managed a couple of years ago.

And it was running.

I managed to do it rather regularly, my only enemy is my body - well, mostly my knees. Now I can do long distance runs like 15 kilometers and that is fine. I wanna do a half marathon once, the time will be next March or April (so in 2017).

Anyway, here is the data from my last run:

Run on the 26th of November, 2016

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